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Worldmark By Wyndham

9805 Willows Rd.
Redmond, WA - 98050
United States

Week : Rental - $2,000.00 - Weekly - Negotiable
Rooms : N/A
Baths : N/A
Price : $120,000
Maintenance fee : $3,204.00 / Year
Ref Number : 120217-101D
Resort : Worldmark by Wyndham
Availability : Annual - Floating - 144,000 Points


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Worldmark By Wyndham

Stay at any resort, any time

Las Vegas Resort

Your WorldMark® ownership gives you the right to stay at any of the 70-plus WorldMark resorts, at any time of year, and for any length of time, depending on the number of credits you own.
So, like traditional timeshares, your WorldMark ownership helps make going on vacation year after year more affordable and comfortable. But with WorldMark, you're not tied to specific unit, at the same property, for a week at a time. You get it all.
Las Vegas Resort - Pool
Escape to the mountains for a secluded weekend, take the kids on a road trip during summer vacation, plan a week-long family reunion at the beach. With WorldMark, you decide where you want to go, when you want to go, what size unit (or units), and for how long you want to stay.
Since the WorldMark Vacation Credits can be used at any of the WorldMark resorts, and because they are yours for life (you can even pass them down to your children), you can make fantastic vacationing a family tradition. 
Wyndham Ocean Walk - Lazy River

Room enough to stretch out, relax and enjoy

Our typical one-bedroom condominium-style unit is about 60% larger than a typical hotel room and comes with all the comforts of home, right down to the coffee pot, cooking utensils and spices. All you have to supply are your personal belongings.
Condominium-style units have living areas, kitchens and dining rooms, and are available as studios (sleeps up to two); one bedrooms (sleeps up to four); two bedrooms (sleeps up to eight); three bedrooms (sleeps up to ten) and penthouse/presidential suites. And for large gatherings like weddings and family reunions, you can always reserve multiple units.
To expand your vacation options, WorldMark has created exchange agreements with affiliate resorts and exchange companies, adding even more variety to your wide range of locations. More choices, more value! These special value-added benefits are subject to change, both in additions and/or deletions.
Wyndham Ocean Walk
WorldMark is affiliated with RCI, the largest timeshare exchange company in the world. As a WorldMark owner, you enjoy exchange access to literally thousands of exciting resorts around the world for a modest exchange fee. Any dream vacations come to mind? Whether it’s touring countries in Europe, basking in the Caribbean sun, shopping the Orient, taking a safari in Africa, or exploring both Americas, it’s all there for you.
What is timeshare and vacation ownership?
Timeshare, or vacation ownership, is a system of shared ownership of a vacation home, condominium or resort. In an older, more restrictive timeshare model, owners would purchase a particular week of ownership of a specific property. With WorldMark, you have the right to use any of the units in any of the more than 60 WorldMark resorts at any time of year, according to owner-approved guidelines and rules. Plus, you own the right to use WorldMark resorts (your credits) for life, and can pass them down to your children.
arrowDiscover what WorldMark owners love about our product. Get started by exploring our resorts at worldmarktheclub.com
Why timeshare and vacation ownership?
  • Timeshare makes vacationing at the most desirable destinations affordable.
  • Accommodations are superior to typical hotels.
  • Timeshare owners find that they go on longer vacations.
  • Going on vacations improves health and happiness.
  • Timeshare owners with families have extra space and privacy, avoiding the expense, worry, and inconvenience of having to split up the group into two or more rooms.
  • Unlike owning a second home, management and upkeep is left to others and the costs are shared among all the owners.
  • Many timeshare owners say that they go on vacation more often. Simply stated, if you own it, you are going to use it!

WorldMark  WorldMark


What is WorldMark by Wyndham?
WorldMark by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest) is the exclusive developer and marketer of WorldMark, The Club, the world's third-largest vacation ownership program and part of the Wyndham Worldwide Corporation (NYSE: WYN) , the world's largest hotel franchisor, vacation ownership company and vacation exchange network. Wyndham Worldwide includes leading brands such as Wyndham Hotels and Resorts, Ramada Inn, Howard Johnson, RCI, WorldMark by Wyndham and others.
WorldMark by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest) pioneered the concept of points-based timeshare with a network of drive-to and exotic resorts. Today, more than 250,000 WorldMark owners have access to resorts across the United States as well as in Canada, Mexico, and Fiji.
How is WorldMark different from other timeshare programs?
WorldMark is a pure credit-based timeshare product that allows you to vacation where, when and how long you want, within the WorldMark system of resorts. In contrast, a traditional fixed-week timeshare program requires you to purchase a specific unit in a specific resort for a specific period each year. With WorldMark, you have maximum flexibility.
There are other point- or credit-based systems, but they are based on the traditional and restrictive timeshare model (you would still purchase a specific unit in a specific resort for a specific period each year-usually a week, which is then converted to points to facilitate trades for time at other resorts).
WorldMark ownership isn't tied to a specific size unit or resort. You can use your vacation credits at any of the more than 60 WorldMark resorts without having to pay an exchange fee or managing a trading procedure.
Moreover, you can be assured WorldMark by Wyndham and WorldMark, The Club will be around for a long time to come. WorldMark by Wyndham (formerly Trendwest) is one of the largest vacation ownership companies in the world. Being part of the Wyndham Worldwide family of companies provides a strong brand our customers can count on, and it allows us to make additional benefit programs available to WorldMark owners, outside of the WorldMark system.
Where are the WorldMark resorts?
There are more than 70 WorldMark resorts across the continental U.S., Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and Fiji. WorldMark resorts are located in prime vacation destinations so you can participate in your favorite leisure activities, including fishing, skiing, boating, swimming, shopping, gambling, golfing, hiking and horseback riding.

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Worldmark by Wyndham

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